Affirmations Outline

✨👑😍👑✨  I came up with an outline for a set of Affirmations for the entire week, based on what you’re trying to bring into your life. You will want to get out your pen and paper for this.

Are you focusing on controlling your emotions? Healing? Wanting a better life? This isn’t an ad. It’s not a “click here for the info” ..

I’m about to help you make a better life for yourself. But you have to have faith, and do what I say to make it work. Manifesting a better life doesn’t come from just thinking.. or intentions. You have to act. You have to make a plan and stick to it.

Each day is based off what that day of the week can bring you easiest. So on Monday it’s the beginning of the week.. You’re getting ready for the week. Take time to set appointments, make important changes go into effect on this day, start new habits on this day. So you basically write out your own, and put them up on your wall, mirror, or somewhere to u will see them easily daily..

👑🔮✨🔮👑.                            ✨👑🔮👑✨

Monday Affirmations
~ Getting the week started off right, setting appointments, making goals for the week.
~ Declaring the weekly and daily mood.
~ Gratefulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Tuesday Affirmations
~ Energized and Allert
~ Eating Habits, exercising, meditation
~ Honouring
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Wednesday Affirmations
~ Encouragement
~ Sunlight, healthy journaling, moon gazing
~ Thankfulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Thursday Affirmations
~ Learning, knowledge, wisdom
~ Accountability
~ Gratefulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Friday Affirmations
~ Time away from everyone, self love
~ Rewards for hard days worked
~ Last minute organizing for next week
~ Personal healing

Saturday Affirmations
~ Honouring Self, Gods and Goddesses, Spirit and Ancestors
~ Gratefulness, showing thanks for blessings

Sunday Affirmations
~ Honouring The Holy Light/Angelic Realm, Dragons and higher self, oneness, humble
~ Sacred Meditations and Learning
~ Personal, spiritual Manifesting.

Each day there should be an Affirmation about being grateful and thankful for all that you have. This is important to your blessings. Can’t count your blessings? I can help. The water you drink, the air you breath, the life you chose to live right here right now. Your bed, home, shelter, car, music, food… The list goes on and on.

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