In the Spiritual worlds there’s a word, “anchors” that is pretty revealing about humans. This term is used to describe the things that hold you back. If I came up to you and said I had the best job you could Dream of, and the keys were held in front of you, the plane ready to fly you across seas to your favorite country, so you can live you dream life .. no strings attached, hypothetically.. all funds provided.

What would hold you back ?? Would you say, but my employer here, my husband, my kids? What about this, or that? These things will keep you from all your dream life of bliss.

Your kids and husband, you say? Well yes. If you want something you have to be willing to go get it, with respect of course to laws of humanity. Your home should be so full of love that no on questions your motives. You should be so at peace with all those around you to be able to choose what you want, aside from what others may feel, for your highest good.

We each get to walk this life, we get gifted people and personalities while we walk out paths. Detach from those anchors and go for the gold. Go for your dreams.

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