If the soul could reach out and take control, it would lead you to a place of beauty and grace. A place known to man, only by pictures and dreams, an artists rendition of the elemental tapestry painted across our sky. With every ounce of stardust, every swirl of colour, with all that could be… I see Me.-Tiffany PowellFeb 11, 2019

If you imagine for a moment, only 20% of our soul is actually encased in our biological body, leaving 80% outside and around us.. in our auric field. That takes “you’re in my bubble” to a whole new level.
10/21/2019 Tiffany Powell

I’ve just read a post and made a comment, that I blew myself away with. Sometimes I just channel things, especially when I’m reading cards, and I… do free writing. Where my fingers just kind of go…
So this friend of mine has been suffering today, and I’ve noticed alot of people on my page saying… ” my anxiety is terrible” or “I suffer with.. (insert illness here)”.
A very wise woman once changed my life with a tarot reading. One of the things she told me was that I needed to quit saying I was sick, or suffering at all. Because manifestation is a real thing. Yes, I went through traumatic experiences that caused some flashbacks and nightmares. But it only got worse when I told ppl I had PTSD or depression. When I talked about my anxiety all the time, I suffered daily.
So, that being said, and you can accept my advice or toss it to the wind, but try saying how great you feel, how successful you are, how loved you are and see the difference in your life. It has been …. about 6 or 7 months since that reading that changed my life. I took every word to heart and remember the conversation like it was yesterday. It’s taken those 6 or 7 months for the universe to clean up my life. Negativity has been depleted dramatically, like I wanted and positivity and love rule my world.
Words are spells, and thoughts are manifestations. Pay attention to your self talk and self thought… Be kind to yourself, manifest what you truly desire through your daily life.

Tiffany Powell

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