Sending Love

Imagine a big, beautiful field, full of beautiful flowers, your favorite! What kind are they? Are they big and gorgeous? Do they smell amazing? You look up and see the tree line in the distance, and see the magnificent oak trees encircling this magickal flower field.

You see the sun setting, and smell a fire not to far from where you are. You turn at the sound of your name being called, and see a group of people surrounding this bon fire. You walk over, and as you do you feel the energy of those who are in front of you. How do they feel? Do you feel the love they have for you? Each and every one loves you dearly!

You look closely and see that they each have the most beautiful green heart πŸ’š glowing with love and healing energy. Look at these people, do you recognize them? Are they friends, soul tribe? Guides? Who ever these people are, know that they know you.. they love you.

You walk to each one, and give them a big hug, and with each hug you feel your heart begin to beat lighter, and more intentionally. You begin to see your chest glowing green and full of love πŸ’š. By the time you hug each person there, the moon is out, shining bright above you all.

You all grab hands, and your hearts shoot a beam of green energy into the center of the circle, and it accumulates as you all stand there. The ball of energy gets so big that it blasts apart and it floods the whole heart with love. πŸ’š

β„οΈπŸŽ„ End Year Releasing Ritualistic Bath β„οΈπŸ€©

I like to use essential oils; tea tree, citrus, rose, lavender, eucalyptus, whatever makes your heart happy. Drop 10 to 15 drops in your bath water. I like my water nice and hot. ❀️🀩
You can add flowers, statues, or any other thing that makes your space special.

I use crystals that I know are good for me, amethyst, quartz, selenite, rose quartz, and jade. These help heal and ground me. I used 5 tea light candles as a representative of next year, and the incoming blessings of the number 5 it represents.

Put on some music that touches your soul, try not to make it too loud, this will over stimulate you.

I also partake in the herbal medicinals, so have this handy if you do.

I believe we do the best work on ourselves and in working our magick when we are in our rawest natural state, naked. When you are at your most vulnerable, you’re emotions are the rawest, and it brings a sacred ancient feel to your work. It took me awhile before I was taking ritual baths because of the ability (literally) to do so. They are the most enriching, healing, encouraging, inspiring form of self love. Make this your sacred space for just n hour.

After you’ve lit your candles and have your bath all set up, cozy down in the water and light your medicinal. As you inhale the smoke imagine you’re bringing in love from source, feel the Magick and transformation as you exhale all the past. Feel the water it soak into each cell of your body, filling your body will with all the nutrients and love you’ve put into it. Place your hand on your heart and say, “I release all the tears, heartbreaks, disappointments, and pain of this year. I release any doubts, fears, or uncertainties of the future. I take accountability for my life, my actions and my responses to this reality.”

If you do reiki, you can take this time to do send yourself some reiki.

Imagine the water pulling all the things you with to release out of each part of your body as you bathe. While your hands are moving over your body, think good thoughts about each part of your body. See source energy, golden healing energy flowing from your hands into your legs and arms, flowing all through you. This body has gotten you so far in this life, and it deserves pampering. Relax for a bit, take deep breathes, and imagine the year you want to have. See all the beautiful changes coming your way, focus on your future and your dreams.

Thank the Gods and Thank Jesus for these many blessing and this holiday season, Source for all the things we have and will have. Take time to honour your ancestors and speak to your guides. Ask your higher self to rule his year coming up and the ones after.

Then, the most important part of this Ritualistic Bath, place your hands over your heart again, and say these words, “I forgive you, I love you. This next year will be full of blessings, love, Self-love and joy. I accept all the miracles and blessings that the new year is bringing me, with respect and gratefulness.”

As you let the water out, watch all the things you’ve allowed to leave your being, flowing down the drain. Stand up, and stretch your hands high to the ceiling, and take a deep breathe, allowing the universe to conspire in your favor.

I took a second hit of my medicinal at this point. And then got dressed. I feel absolutely incredible! I suggest a bath like this before the end of the year! ❀️🀩πŸ₯°

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