Oneness and Meditation

To the woman, lost in pain, suffering and confused, barely making it for her kids, I am Your Sister. To the man, walking in guilt, knowing his wrongs, and hurting as he goes, I am your Sister. To the teenager, bullying the kids at school, because of the home life you live, I am your Sister. To the preacher, putting fear in the hearts of millions, I am your Sister. The Colonel Fighting the wars of earth, I am your Sister. To the president, to the prostitutes, to the addicts and to the poor, I am Your Sister. To the liars, thieves, and manipulators, I am your Sister. We each have path, your deeds don’t make your worth. You are worthy of love, of a friend. You are worthy of healing, and I am your Sister.

There’s a direct reflection in your spiritual relationships and your physical, or biological relationships. If you find it hard to connect with people you’ll find it hard to connect with spirit.

I woke to a message asking me how to connect to your spirit guides. It’s as simple as saying, I invite my spirit guides to assist me in my daily life.

But you can’t leave it there. It’s like church, ritualistic, habit. You have to work at it, practice, it doesn’t come easily at first.

Most people seek clear cut, perfect visions of what they are asking. But there’s so much more to it than just “seeing”… You have to See.

Most signs that you’re doing right, are getting the help you need, or are making the right choices are your blessings. You’ll find some money when you needed it or you will get a job opportunity will come about.

✨ Synchronicity
✨ Angel numbers, repeating 222, 333, etc
✨ You’re getting what you need and are thankful
✨ You see other signs, such as feathers, angels in the clouds, get chills, see golden dots or flakes around you…
✨ A general love for life, positive energy, and feeling of love.

Then there are signs your on the out and out on your path. Karma seems to be kicking your ass.. you can’t find the blessings in the lessons because you can’t see past how your emotions are making you feel, you feel alone, like no one cares. The darkness seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been here, stuck in a downward spiral. 🖤

So, ☝️☝️ If you’re on this path, and you’re wanting to establish your relationships with your guides, things you should consider:

❤️ How can you make your perspective shift to see the blessings?
❤️ How can you find the silver lining and grasp that energy?
❤️ How can I change my own personality to better suit my wishes and desires?
❤️ What things do I need to work on in myself in order to attract the relationships I desire?

This should not keep you from inviting your guides to help you, this is how you begin.. but you have to continue working, and growing, and changing for the better if you’re looking to have a relationship with your guides that is beneficial to your soul.

Mediation. Let’s talk about it.

It’s alot easier than you think, if you haven’t done it. And if you have done it with no luck, guess what.. try try try again. It’s not that hard.

I have learned to meditate through guided meditations on youtube. They already begin with focusing on the breath and say that if you find your mind wandering, just come back to your breath. The more times you do this, the more you’re training your brain to meditate.

Meditation brings about growth spiritually, balance in all your energy fields and physical body. It brings about healing, connection to your gifts, and connection to your guides.

These are the times of the mass meditation for 12/21.

Please join us in sending love and healing to all the planet; animals, plants, humans, the water. Light 1 white candle if possible, and call on the angels to heal the planet.

Your heart chakras color is green. This is the most hidden in front of your eyes problem with your world. You celebrate Valentine’s Day and associate red with your heart, when red is the color of the root chakra. This one key can open your door to your heart.
Image a beautiful green swirling light shooting straight into your heart from the cosmos. This light comes from your source energy, the Love that created all of you.
See this green Light fill your heart, and spread out into the rest of your body. See each cell of your body filled with this magnificent green loving energy. Repeat after me: I love each cell of my body. I love my eyes, they have given me beautiful gifts in this life. I love my hands. They have given me so much Stability and strength in this life. I love my legs. They have supported me. I love my feet. They have taken me wonderful places. I love my heart. It has loved me and blessed me through this life. I am filled with love. Unconditional Love. For myself and all that I AM.

Now, see that heart of yours, glowing and spinning with that beautiful glowing green love, and watch as it spreads it’s energy all across gaia.. all through the trees, and deep I to the crystalline structure underneath. Your earth is encrusted with layers of solid crystal that has been covered for too long with dirt and rock. This crystal is the foundation of Earth. It’s love. We will revive her love. See the green energy flowing all through all the darkest places of earth now. All the slums, and alley ways.. all the valleys and dark forests. Allow this green loving energy to flow through … All of you, every human, see the energy flowing into the hearts of the homeless, the sick, the ones in prison, send love to those you know and those you don’t. See this green love filling the hearts and minds of those who hate you, and those who love you.
Finally see this green energy flowing all around the earth, out into space.. send this energy out into the other planets and beings around you. Send this energy back to source in gratitude for all you have and will have.

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