Leave that abusive situation

It’s 4am and I’m awake. Mostly bc I’ve had nightmares for two nights and couldn’t cope for a minute. I messaged a couple of my friends who are up, and I’ve done affirimations to remain calm in my dreams, and gain control.

In doing this, I discovered something fucking incredible. Listen, if you’re in an abusive situation, and you got kids, if you’re wanting out but can’t get out, walk away.. take your phone, your wallet, and when your kids get on the school bus in the morning, get on with them.. tell the bus driver it’s an emergency..

When you get to the school, I guarantee they get u help. In a dream I had just last night, I was escaping an abusive situation just like this.. it’s not out of the ordinary.. it’s perfect.. and I promise you’ll be safe!

Once that bus driver knows what’s up, they will help you! You have ppl to help, you just have to see it. Abuse is terrible, it’s bad for you, for your kids, for your animals, and no one I mean no one has the right to abuse you! I don’t care what you did. No one. Has. A. Right. To. Abuse. You!!!

Please, I beg you, copy and paste this! Spread it around. I’m having these dreams bc I’m so connected to the collective and there’s so many that still need saving. I won’t suffer nightmares with no outcome! Something good will come of this.

Leave. Leave that abusive situation. Leave that suppressive situation. Make your life yours. Quit living for your husband or wife, quit living for your job, or even your kids and embrace the fact that you, yes You deserve what you desire.

You’re NOT here to make others happy. You’re not here to be made to do the things that make you feel like a terrible being. You’re NOT HERE to be made to feel like you’re not good enough!

I’ll be the first to tell you you’re a GOD, a GODDESS! You deserve to be treated like you are love and light. You deserve to live your passion. You deserve to be HAPPY!!

You’re an amazing star, traveling through this life as a human, here to experience all you desire to experience. We’ve been abused, used, mistreated, abandoned, walked all over and it’s time to stand up!!!

Stop dealing with it!! No excuses!! Make the change TODAY that will end it!! PUT YOUR FAITH in GOD that he has your back! Call it GOD, THE UNIVERSE, SOURCE however you want to put it. IT has YOUR Back!! Embrace the miracles that could be yours if you simply loved yourself enough to stand in your power and demand the respect you deserve!!!

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