Let’s reset. Let’s reset our money system, our ecosystems, let’s reset our oceans and air!

Let’s reset the school systems to teach the youth and children about love. Let’s shape a new life that embraces equality and Unconditional Love in each heart.

Let’s reset our human dna and eliminate the negative. Let’s get the matrix out of our lives. Let’s make this earth beautiful and worth living on. Let’s reset and break free from this prison.

Learning lessons.. This is how we make changes. 2020 held a lot of lessons for me.


I’m going to run down a list of lessons I learned this year!

I challenge you to do the same in the comments!!

1. I learned I have the Right to remain silent,
2. But I have an obligation to speak up, when something is morally wrong.
3. I learned that the reason we feel so connected to our “twin flames” or those sent to help us learn a lesson, is because we have been in contact with these souls prior to this life. This might seem like an odd lesson to put on here but it brings light to
4. standing in my power and
5. refusing to allow abuse around my family or me.
6. I learned that the human spirit needs space to grow..
7. I learned that my fight or flight trigger needed healing.. and I’m working on it still.
8. I learned that no matter how much you try, how much magick you do, no amount of love will Heal anyone. They have to choose to heal themselves. We cannot interfere with free will.
9. Which is why love spells never work or last.
10. I’ve learned that life gives you what you believe you deserve,
11. And that I’m Worthy of love, and peace.
12. I’ve learned that alcohol can be detrimental to a human … And it’s not meant for great amounts of consumption. This lowers our vibe and keeps us from growing.
13. I learned that humanity is blinded to their actions and the effect their actions have on others. This is why we see so much pain in our world.
14. I learned what true love is and what it isn’t.
15. I learned who I am and what I will and what I will not stand for.
16. I learned to be strong.
17. I learned that I am a Goddess, and I am powerful.
18. I learned how to control myself, my emotions, my energy, and my fear.
19. I learned what my purpose in life is.
20. I learned that when we lose something, something greater comes along.
21. I’ve learned to have faith in those stars … They truly do have our back.
22. I learned that you can forgive, and heal, and be at peace and change … All of these things are very possible if you only want it enough to try.
23. I learned the secret to life, is experience.
24. I learned how to spot a toxic situation.
25. I learned I was strong in the spirit world.. my spirit connection is very good. I’m a great medium. I knew I could be last year, but this year I learned who I truly am.
26. I learned alot about mothering that I didn’t know before.
27. I learned to be patient.
28. I learned to allow my emotions to release so I could heal.
29. I learned to meditate.
30. I learned alot about psychedelics.
31. I learned I’m psychic.
32. I learned the value of morals and values in our core… These determine your life.
33. I learned that without struggle, there isn’t growth,
34. We have to learn Compassion through suffering, mostly because we are stubborn as humans.
35. I learned that life is a mirror, and someones opinion of me is a reflection of them.
36. I learned that without healing, there’s no peace.

My point in this post is… What did you learn??

Have your grown?

Did you take advantage??? Of the time you had ?? After wishing you had more time most of your adulthood?

Let’s here your take on this year in the comments!!

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