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Instructions for those who did not understand where they ended up at birth
1. You will receive 7 different bodies and a sleeping consciousness – you will need to constantly awaken, develop and improve them. Perceive calmly that you will be simultaneously in different dimensions, and the whole world will be inside you.

2. You will have to attend a school called Life on Planet Earth. Every person and every event is your Universal Teacher.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Failure is an integral part of success. There are no victims – only students and teachers.

4. The lesson will be repeated in a variety of forms until it is fully learned. If you don’t learn the easy lessons – they will become more difficult, when you learn – you will move on to the next lesson.

5. External problems are an accurate reflection of your inner state. If you change your inner world, the outer world will also change for you.

6. Pain is the way the universe uses to get your attention – something is wrong.

7. The world is diverse. Rejection of oneself and others “as is” is the basis of negative emotions that destroy the body.

8. You will understand that the lesson is learned when your behavior and attitude towards everything changes. Wisdom is gained through practice. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

9. There is no place better than “here”. “There” is no better than “here.” When your “there” becomes “here”, you will get another “there”, which again will seem better than “here”. Appreciate what you have now.

10. Others are just your reflection. You cannot love or hate what is in others if it does not reflect your own qualities.

11. Life makes a frame, but you paint a picture. If you don’t take responsibility for the painting, others will write it for you.

12. All answers are in you. You know more than the books say. And all you have to do is look inward, listen to yourself and trust yourself.

13. Look for your destiny, realize yourself as much as possible in it and surrender yourself to it completely. It can change throughout life. Constantly learn something new and don’t be afraid to start all over again.

14. Most likely you will forget about it.

15. You can always remember this instruction if you want …

Author Unknown

By taking accountability, you open doorways to your blessings. I’m going to use my sister as an example.. I love you and you’re doing great on your journey, so don’t get upset. Truth is truth. ❤️😍

My sister was mean growing up, straight up abused me alot. The other day, I was doing my own healing through meditation and I messaged her after. I realized that I had never told her how she made me feel all those years ago. I felt the need to, I felt she needed to hear what I had to say. She didn’t write me back that day, but did yesterday.

She had some people fill her house up with food, and new things she badly needed. Pondering, and knowing my experiences, I asked, “Did you take accountability for what I sent you the other day? “.. meaning did she acknowledge her own behavior and make a decision to stop that, or change, or just in general, was she sorry?

Not to my surprise, yes, yes she had. She opened up, she allowed that pain to come up, she might have shed some tears.. but she made a choice in that moment, to be better. And she was extremely blessed very soon after.

I’m telling you this, not to make my sister feel bad. If you knew our relationship, our past, and what I’m talking about in general, you would be thrilled for her. This is the first step to a grand journey.

A little backstory, my sister was never honest growing up, not even with herself. She would steal my stuff, lie about it when I asked. She would fight me at bus stops while we waited for school, knowing I wouldnt fight back. She even cut my hair off at 4 years old, I was 3. She grew up, and things were harder for her in this life… Somehow I was always happy or ok when she wasnt. At a young age she was introduced to drugs and they took over her. She’s clean. Has been for awhile after almost 20 years of struggling with that. I’m extremely proud of you.

Back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post. You have to take accountability for what you do in this life, no matter the situation. The only thing you can control is your own response, and actions. When your actions reflect nothing but pure intentions, the universe will show you miracles. Live from the heart.

Sitting here thinking, and this year has been the most terribly incredible thunderstorm of love and pain. The last six months have brought so many lessons and so many blessings that I have to actually try to remember the hard times. I’m honoured to have reached this type of healing.

I get asked alot how did I get to this point?

Self love! I stood up and said no more, I wouldn’t take the hate spit at me, I wouldn’t submit my daughter to it. We hadn’t been in that situation too long, but the months prior to Arizona were less than fantastic.

Self Love. Self Knowledge. Self Awareness. Do you know your worth? Do you know what you are? Science has proven it, a fractal of God/Source/Light.

Wouldn’t it make sense that it you are a piece of God then, that you could shape and shift things to your desire? Well actually, yes. The law of attraction.

So then, if you know what you are and what you’re capable of, how do you get past the programming you obtained through years and years of lives on this planet so that you can begin to use your magick to your advantage?

You feel. You quit hiding from those emotions you push aside everything they surface. Molested as a child? Feel the pain, forgive that inner child within you. Abused and neglected? Feel it. It’s ok… This is how you heal. You can’t heal what you cant feel.. this is why it’s important to pay attention to your triggers. Everyone gets upset at one point or another. What upsets you? Why? Where does it come from? Be honest.. don’t lie to yourself anymore. When you have that feeling, that emotion, that pain in your head, you’ve thought about it and figured it out, take your hand and wipe it back from your forehead to the back of your neck, literally wiping the pain away. Can figure out where it’s coming from, get a pendulum, get a deck of cards… Can’t use them? Learn.. how important is your healing? How important is your peace? Is it worth working for?

Solitude. Be alone and be happy with yourself. If you can’t make yourself happy, no one else can make you happy, and you can make no one else happy. Happiness comes from within, it comes from love and joy. You have all you need within you, all the answers. Be alone and find them. Mediation! Is key!

We each have our own path, your mission, your objective here may be very different than most. I chose my path, and it’s worked well for me. So the things I share with you are based off my reality, my healing, my experiences, and my Love. So if it resonates that is wonderful..

My mission is to bring you peace. When I can make it through everything standing tall, and hold my head high through the criticsm, I have reached my goals. I want to be able to feel my emotions, but not have them control me. I want to be able to have you do the same because I know how much it helps me. 🙏

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