Sex Magick

“Breathe deep” my inner voice spoke so clearly and my body went limp. Relax. Breath. Flow.

A golden ankh appeared in my mind’s eye. The power and sacred symbol showing me my power in this Now.

His tongue sliding around my inner thighs, his hands filling my body with love, in this moment.. he was mine. My God, My Submissive. He sipped every bit of my divinity drop by drop, worshipping my yoni with great care.

He made love to my soul, inhaling my love, through my most precious and sacred of body parts.

Breath deep.

I felt my energy flowing and I relaxed in that moment… my body falling so fast into ecstasy.. stars filled my eyes and I was one with the universe, one with the sun. I saw sun shining down on me, the very breath of light that is me became a The Goddess I am.

One with the universe.
One with the sun.

My body, relaxed and limp flowed with rainbow light and love and magick.. into his head as I guided his mouth my hands.

My body became the darkness and stars were shining bright… my soul swirled with passion and love for the God who brought me this magical moment of great, healing, love.

Time stood still, the oceans sang, the wind fell. All that is and was exploded within me. He is the truth.

Divine Truth and Magick

How do you view sexuality?

I feel like this. I won’t allow anyone to claim me as theirs, bc I know the power that gets taken from me within those beliefs. I believe we love others as we wish, sexually or otherwise as long as it’s pure and honest, and we move along with our own purpose. I should be able to love anyone and everyone, and if I want to experience sexual experiences with them, I should be able to without losing my power. So, in essence. I believe sex is a very sacred practice that has been used and abused to trap humans in cycles and demonic activity. Sex is something that souls EXPERIENCE. It should be made as so. It should be for intention. Not blindly. It’s magick. Having sexual experiences without intent is like casting blind.

Sex is an energy exchange, made to create things.. the reason we create babies during this time. Sex manifesting is the most real form of manifesting because chemicals are different in your brain. So when you engage in sex with just anyone, you’re asking for problem. This is why sexual crimes cause such problems for us. It’s literally manifesting hate into our being.

Sexual healing is a real thing, and it can effect your fertility. If you have been through hard sexual trauma, not having a baby is normal. If you do some intense healing, you will be able to conceive.

In this life, we all find those to teach us lessons, to make us see truths.. these people are most important on our journey.

But there comes a time when a Goddess finds her Match.

The rest of this life will be spent with a God. He won’t have superficial ideas, or talk about others. He won’t be ran by ego or fear.

He won’t degrade or look down on others.

He won’t hurt or lie to others.

He will walk in truth. His head held high beside his Goddess. I won’t settle again.

And I Will be All He Needs.

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  1. Love your page and all its contents can’t wait for more


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