The power of Crystals

Crystals are a wonderful way to assist in your healing, if you’re on that path. They carry the highest vibrational frequencies that we have physical access to, and they hold knowledge better than water. I like to meditate with my special Crystals surrounding my head. I use rose quartz, to help calm me; amethyst to assist in psychic protection; clear quartz to help program different healings. I love all the natural stones available to us.

Some are not so good for us because of how they are gathered. There’s still slavery all over, and a lot of it involves our crystal world. It’s been proven that third world countries harvest these stones at the hands of children. Be not greedy in your ventures, only use and take what is needed. Try to research and find out where your stones are coming from. They should be harvested in a positive way.

They are borrowed from the earth, they are meant to be respected. We do not own things in this life, we are all things. When you realise this you allow things to come and go freely. You know you will not lack.

If you lose one, it’s time for it to move on and help another. They have their own consciousness and they love attention. I try to always have my quartz ring on. There’s not a second, maybe when washing dishes, that it isn’t being worn. They assist in balance and control of emotions, they raise vibrations and assist in activating the third eye.

Set them around your house plants for a wonderful addition to the love the plant naturally gives off.

Crystal grids are a great way to do magick and healing. Research and find out what crystal you are drawn too, and how to do grids and you’ll be on the next step on your healing journey.

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