Live and Let Live

This life is yours to live.

Don’t let anyone tell you that being sad or down is a bad thing, damn sure dont let them tell you that it makes them sad. Our emotions come from within us. We are responsible for our own feelings and no one else’s. We are water, and the moon effects us just like the tides. We are also balanced, and when we are happy alot, we must experience lows.

The key is to know when you need a break from the high life, loving vibes that you strive for. We all get drained when it’s time to wind down. Listen to your body. You’re not tired for no reason. Allow for balance. When you’re low get bubble baths and light candles. It’s the most important time for self love.

It’s also worth taking note that you should only stay low or in a sad state as long as you need that rest or healing. Make affirmations to make yourself happy when you know it’s been too long. The average low mood should only last a few hours to maybe 1 day.

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