Expectations. What do you hold others up to? What standards do you set for yourself?

I’ll share my thoughts on expectations … They cause you pain. Waiting on someone to do stand up to anything you expect of them, will only make you miserable.

Let that shit go.

I don’t have expectations of others. By this I don’t mean, I don’t expect others to take accountability or responsibility for thier own actions, contracts, or parenting. When it comes to my direct household, I do have expectations, but I don’t hold attachment to those expectations.

Expecting someone out in public, to be respectful… This is something I don’t do. I’m never suprised when I see the rudness and ugliness in the world. For some reason, it’s all old news. No expectations of humans with your free will, temptations, and simple immediate pleasures.

How then, do you ask, do I let this go? Well, have you been let down before? Have you had someone you expected to come through, break your heart? You’re can see the desire to release yourself from that emotion, yes?

But, have you also done those things? Have you been that person who was using someone for money, Loved someone bc they looked good and we’re popular?

I know I have sat back and replayed things over in my head. And I’ve come to see over these last few years, that I was not innocent in my actions throughout the years.

I now hold Myself to standards and morals and values that I love my day to day life by… I am honest. To a fault I am honest. Maybe when some think it wouldn’t benefit, I’m still truthful… This is bc I lived a life lying to myself. I lived a life saying woe is me, it’s not my fault.. I’m not responsible. And I know there are many out there, still doing this. I don’t expect honesty out of others, but it’s a nice blessing to see when it’s present.

I am loyal. No question there. But I don’t expect loyalty from others. I was once not so loyal. We each have our own path. This Understanding allows me to release the need to receive any emotion attached to this.

I am pure hearted. I do the things I do out of love. I don’t explain myself, or try to do things to impress others. I am Love. I operate from love. But, at one time I was not pure hearted. Not intentionally, but greedy, looking out for me. Trying to make ends meet and using others to do so. Therefore I understand why people are selfish and greedy.

Understanding will bring peace.

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