I Am,

The most powerful words you can speak.

Let me humble you a bit,

To what I believe.

I am The lady in the grocery store, who can’t afford the milk. Eyes telling you she’s afraid to go home.

I am the child, staring back at myself, starving and fearful. Afraid of what the next day may not bring.

I am that elderly lady, who lives alone on your block. Afraid to open her door at night.

I am that Soldier, who can no longer think straight.

I am that teenager, running away from home.

I am that Cop, shooting first and asking questions later,

I am that nurse, crying with her feet and back aching, while she works to save others.

I am the orphans, alone and afraid.

I am the Native American, Black, Hispanic ethnicities that have been so hurt at the hands of evil.

I am the lost, the Hurt, the stolen and meek. I am the heart that beats within.

I am the daughter and son who aren’t good enough, I am the baby born of misfortune.

I am You and You are me, each reflecting what needs to be seen.

It’s up to us, as we are Gods, to change this world and find peace. It’s up to us, to find common ground and stand against hate.

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