Past Lives

Poll: 1. Do you know your past lives?

2. Were you a bad or good person in a past life?

3. How does that relate to this life?

I believe I had a past life in the 1400s where I killed a man, and his wife; a lesson that carried on into this life. I was a bad bad witch, I had a black cat that I remember plain as day. I remember the time distinctly. The dream I had was also dissected during a mushroom trip when asking, who am I?

I was shown..

I read something that said… your parents in this life are a direct reflection the energy you left on this planet when you died in the past life. You must be conceived into the same vibration and learn from your mistakes.

I was born into this life, in a family laden with abuse. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear this info.

What do you think about this?

4 responses to “Past Lives”

  1. Very interesting. I want to do a past life agression


    1. That’s wonderful, I offer past life readings.


      1. How do you do them. Messenger? Phone? Do i come to you? You to me? I would love to have one done


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