Your Path

A thought. You’re never on the wrong path. Your path leads you to lessons and tests, or peace, no matter where it takes you. There is no wrong choice, save hurting someone intentionally. ..

We walk at our own pace, through this life, making the best of it. We learn things as we need to in the time we need to or its presented to us again, most times, more intense than before.

This thought is sparked by a conversation I had, that said, (and I quote) we must raise the rest of humanity to 5D.

No, we must not. They must take steps on their own to get to their end result. You cannot push someone down a path, and not allow them to learn.. I ascended in June I believe, and helped several come to the realization that life is what you make it since then. But you can only lead a horse to water. I only plant seeds. That’s all anyone can do, so why then, do you push so hard for perfection when all of life is perfect, balanced, and beautiful?

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  1. Love it. Lesson learned

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