Remember, my beliefs and yours do not have to match for us to vibe. All love ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜

This post has been coming for awhile, I just haven’t had the clarity to write it. I want to start by thanking the All KNOWING, Source, God, Which ever you prefer.

Growing up I always knew there was two main energies in our heavens whom we prayed to.. all religions blew my mind and I couldn’t fathom how the man trumped woman throughout history. I knew there had to be something different.

I always knew there was a Male and Female God/Goddess that ruled the universe, I knew it in my soul. I also know that there is the singulaity, both are aspects of the same being. The sky has always amazed and hypnotized, I knew my home was not of this planet, my soul is from elsewhere.

Through personal journeys and experiences I have had the honour of learning. Night and day, fire and water, this balance is found in every microverse as well.. polarity and magnetism.

The balance in life is as prominent as the Sun and the Moon. Father Light and Mother Darkness. He’s your protection and knowledge, the light in the dark.. She’s your shadow, your pain and your freedom.

In life you need balance like the yinyang. Take time to manifest your blessings and heal your past. Take time to be humble and confident. Take time to show love and Express your passion. Serve others and yourself. Eat good, and when you feel you need.. eat a piece of junk. Have structure and float on a whim. Find balance and peace amongst the chaos.

Your journey is all about finding that balance, and controlling yourself through the chaos.

Manifesting tonight I cried after seeing some things in my mind eye. I felt so I for what I’m I’m to be doing soon, I felt so much love.

Sitting in the ritual bath tonight, I heard the voice of the universe say, “Thank you Tiffany” and I cried. I couldnt do anything but hug myself. She listens my loves, She hears you and so does He. They are you. You are the All Knowing. You are both the sun and the moon, the power and freedom, the light and dark.

My soul speaks to me through expression. I have a sun and moon tattoo from 11 years ago. I feel its perfectly appropriate.

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