Futuristic Thoughts

Thinking in the future.

Take time to manifest a change in brain by thinking in the future instead of in the past. This begins a cycle of manifesting that is totally different than what you’re used to.

Really think about how long you spend thinking about things that happened in the past. They say 95 or 97 % of humans repeat the same thoughts daily. Well no wonder you’re life isn’t going anywhere for you. Cycles are real.

So you have to Think. Feel. ACT.

Think about what it is you want. Visualize it. See you having it. And keeping it. How does it Feel? Are you grateful for it?
Now that you have that energy, get up and take some steps in that direction. This is how you begin visualizing your future.

While you’re doing this, become aware of your words. Claim the things you will have in your future. State them as if you have them now.

And then make the intention to become aware of this, with a certain topic. Say for instance, you see something associated with your goal, you make the intention to repeat your manifesting. Affirmations written down and carried with you is a beautiful way of doing this.

But you can’t become obsessed. You must work in humbleness and grace to obtain these dreams. You must also have faith. Without faith you’ll not manifest anything positive. The universe will act in your favor, in accordance to the attention you give your dreams.

What will you be in the future? A leader? Teacher? Singer? Mom?

What will you have? Money? Wisdom? Cars? Houses?

What will you do? Help others? Bring about new ideas and ways of life? How will you live from here on out?

Will you make the changes your soul calls for?

I have been inspired to really sit down and make some hard core, life long goals. Money, homes, ministries, parks… I want my hand in all of it. I want change worldwide…. we are making it happen.

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