The Sun and its Blessings

The sun is my Magick, My medicine. I’ve needed it so much. I feel so much balance now. Coming back to myself. I’m proud.

Balance is needed in humans. You can’t always be high, because you have to purge to gain. When we shed our trauma and we do shadow work, we are removing blockages. When we remove something, nature will naturally replace it. It’s the way energy flows..

I know something big is coming. I spent almost 3 weeks purging. I asked for the life I’m about to have and I’m ready for it. I’m the Owner of a Brand New business, Filing taxes for the first time as a Business Owner. I am successful at what I’m doing and have been for the better part of two years. I’ve lived off my profits for 7 months, raising my daughter.

I’ve earned the Blessings I’m Recieving. I have done the work and purged the hurt, but I’m not done I’m chasing this healing. I’m cornering it and making it present itself. I have huge goals. I’m networking outside of Facebook, I have made a successful website. I am opening a merch store and an Etsy shop.

By the end of 2021, I will have a physical shop. I will be doing hands on healing from a shop, in person and I’ll be changing my town. I Am All. I have this already.

Sometimes, blessings don’t show up as a check or money or opportunity.. sometimes it shows up as knowledge, wisdom, and great connections.

My blessings show themselves through power and magick. Manifestings show up in my reality all the time, and this is no different…I have been shown how to make things happen and it’s up to me to make them happen. Im not waiting on the best time to chase my dreams, my story started from nothing. I was made to depend on my cards and intuition for survival. I’ll chase my dreams as long as I can fly and the sun is shining.

2 responses to “The Sun and its Blessings”

  1. And you will get there.where us this hands on healing shop going to be?


    1. Hi, I’m located in Kentucky.


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