Heal thyself

Your body has enzymes that heal it naturally. From the second you’re born, you begin healing all the time. If you decide to quit smoking, your body will hear you and begin healing itself naturally. You can speak to your cells, show them love, visualize yourself healed, and mix it with a calming environment and harmony to physically extend your life.

Our DNA Has specific enzymes to heal and extend the life span of each cell. If you can change your perspective you can change your physical self. If you believe you can heal yourself, you’ll be able to.

You don’t have to look at growing old as growing weak, young, and brittle. Your body will work as well as you push yourself. You can live to be 120, 150, or even 200. This has been proven and can be looked up online. Each and every person who has lived this long, show a Loving experience as their building block to longevity.

I had someone tell me the other day, I looked 15. I couldn’t imagine looking so young, but it all makes sense. Love and Light make you look younger, peace makes you look younger. Compassion makes you look younger. Live longer and live smarter. . Manifest the life you truly desire. Do you believe in yourself?

I’d like to share the idea that psilocybin mushrooms also help in rewiring the brain and have been used in studies involving ptsd, depression, and other traumatic experiences. I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Been channeling tonight! Some if life’s lessons and the answers! I hope it helps someone!
1. Avoid abuse. Some need it spelled out. If someone hits you, parent, bf, gf, aunt, uncle, this is abuse.. if someone talks down to you, calls you names “genius” “dumbass” “stupid” this is abuse, if someone doesn’t let you be you, tells you that you “can’t” … Makes you give them your phone, makes you feel like shit..

Your answer here: Leave. You will keep being put through hell until you do.

2. Oppression. Avoid oppression. When someone has “religious beliefs” that require you to say, I’m not a witch, when you really are .. leave them alone. Avoid it.

3. Being Broke. Not having money, means you need to place a higher value on the important things in life, and quit getting pointless past food and starbucks when you have a few extra $.

4. Depression, this is a lesson as well. This is a disease and I’m not saying it’s easy to heal. But the depression comes from you not listening to your conscience.. if you know something isn’t right, and you watch it happen without speaking up.. if you aren’t happy with how your life is going, if you’re hating your job..

Your answer: make changes in your life and your soul so that morals and values are shifted to what’s right and pure hearted.

This is all I can think of right this second.

I feel like addiction belongs here. This is a lesson too, how do you heal addiction? Or even some mental illness?? Heal your past trauma. Heal your soul.

Breathe through it. When the pain creeps in, and you can’t see clearly, breathe. When that lump forms in your throat, from all the lack of understanding, and all the darkness just breathe. Deep, steady breathes and let the tears fall. Then take your hand and wipe the energy from your forehead, up and over your head and down your neck. This releases the energy and allows you to heal some. Loop

Holistic Healing

So I’m a more than a little silly when I actually get to did the things I love, like making my own waters! I am going on a 7 day detox, eating only salads and fruit. Did you know food colours are for a reason? They are associated with chakras. Tomatoes and other red fruits and veggies heal the root chakra; oranges and mangos- the sacral chakra and so on.

So I bought all the things I needed to make healing water for each chakra! And depression water! What’s that you ask? When you eat yellow and orange together, it brings in joy and kills depression! So I’ll be making some pineapple and orange water for this coming detox!

I’ve done some research and I’ll type up what I have and what I’ve done. In the past I’ve made orange water. It gave me so much energy I went crazy over it. I drank big bottles of it daily, for about a week while watching what I brought into my system carefully. I also charged the water in the sunlight for about 30 mins. This give you all sorts of light codes and information, plus vitamin D.

Today I made lemon-lime water. Did you know citrus is very good for killing infection? Adding it to your water can help you relieve your system of all sorts of infection. Lemons and limes both support weight loss and aid in digestion. They are both full of antioxidants and provide electrolytes for energy. Limes rejuvenate the skin, (don’t out directly on the skin, ingest them), they prevent cancer and help with heart disease. Limes are a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. They carry Vitamins ABCD. Limes lower high blood pressure and assist in Healing the heart chakra. Lemons detox your liver, freshen your breathe, reduces pain and inflammation, soothes respiratory problems, and are high in vitamin ABC. Lemons also treat gallstones and heal the solar plexus chakra.

I cut these into pieces small enough to go through my water bottle top, you may have to drink some of the water to have room for your fruits. I let them set in the sun for about 30 mins, and then drink up!

Today I made blueberry, blackberry, and purple grape water to assist with my top 3 chakras. I will do the research on these and post as well.

In the past I have used cucumber water and will again this week. Cucumbers are full of electrolytes, and are great for your hair and nails, they assist in reducing the bags under our eyes. They are high in vitamin ABC and flush toxins from your body. They help maintain your kidneys and support the immune system.

I’ve got so much more to do this week!

Let’s unblock your root chakra ❤️. You must let go of fear. What is making you feel fear? Remember, all things come down to love or fear. This means negative emotions like anger, anxiety, hate, frustration, sadness; are all coming from a root cause of fear. How can you face this, or release it? Start by saying this outloud: I Release false beliefs that bring about fear in my life. I fill that empty space with faith, love, and light.

Your sacral chakra 🧡, It’s associated with guilt. Guilt comes from us doing things we shouldn’t do, and traumas that have made us believe that the negative occurrences were our fault. Forgive yourself for everything you did before this moment, before this perspective. Because you did not know any better. Forgive yourself for staying too long, for not speaking up, for being the bad guy. Forgive yourself to unblock your sacral chakra.

To unblock your solar plexus 💛, you must let go of shame. Shame comes from guilt and fear. Shame is biggest and truest when we truly act against love. Shame isn’t meant to stay. It’s meant to teach you a lesson. Repeat after me: I release any shame associated with the past, present it future. I replace shame with love and light.

Your heart chakras healing 💚 requires you to release grief. Loss and fear are responsible for grief. This is a process that is meant to teach you, not stay as an emotion all the time. Repeat after me: I release grief. What was lost, was not truly lost, but changed and moved. Grief does not exist in my body anymore. I replace grief with love and light.

To unblock your throat chakra 💙 you must stop lying to yourself. This comes with knowledge and growth, and learning who you truly are and the life you’re living without knowing it. You must stand in your power and speak up when you’re right. You must quit letting people walk all over you. You must take responsibility for your own actions.

Your third eye chakra 💙 holds the illusions (separation),and innerstanding that everything is connected. Oneness must be realized before this chakra is opened. Know that your third eye holds truth and seek truth to find this new world within you. Repeat after me: I seek truth and knowledge of who I truly am. I seek connection to my higher self.

The crown chakra 💜 is blocked by attachments (people,places,things) in the material realm. You just let go of attachments to all in this life. You have nothing to take with you when you leave this earth. Only your soul goes. Attachments are the cause of alot of pain through your life as well. Love without owning and needing.

Class is in!

Strawberry Water! Strawberries are red, and what’s do we know? Red fruit and veggies heal the root chakra. Your chakra associated with stability, security, and fundamental needs for survival. When this chakra is blocked you can live in “survival” mode, or when it’s overstimulated, you can feel less grounded, and like life is somewhat a dream. Healing and activating this chakra can bring you balance throughout your life.

The strawberry water I’ve made is high in Vitamin C, Manganese, B-9. This is a powerful little energy drink, full of electrolytes and antioxidants. It’s a great drink to lower blood pressure and cleanse the blood. It’s perfect for lowering blood sugar and maintains the heart, and delivers carbs needed to get my day started! Did you know strawberries were part of the rose family?

Charge it in the sunlight for so much more healing power!

Simply slice your strawberries small enough to fit into the mouth of your bottle of fresh, fluoride free water, and let sit about 30 mins.

Sometime between april 5 and the 19th of 2019… this song changed my life.

A journal entry ☆♡☆

It’s hard to imagine I went to the mental hospital twice after this. I guess that’s the lesson, rapid growth, changes I couldn’t handle.. but my seeking began early and I had protection.. I learned and grew in that place.. both times. I helped others as well. And it was part of my healing, to discover I too was a healer. I was told this and didnt believe it.. The old me, wouldnt have believed what I know now!!!! ☆♡☆♡☆

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