Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart .. but not that heart you have right now. Not the one you carry under all the burdens, heaviness, and pain. First, you must let some things go.

You are a star. ✨🥀

Shine bright ✨

Light the way for others. 🥀✨

Repeat after me, only of you’re willing and ready. ✨👑

I give my soul to the Holy Light to fight evil for eternity, and I ask the Angels to heal me so I may do my work. I accept my mission and I am ready for change. I release what no longer serves my highest good and the highest good of humanity. I take my stand, and I make my mark on this world through Love and Compassion. I Step Back and Allow my Higher Self to Drive. ❤️🥀✨

✨🌹 What calls your name? What tugs at your soul? What sings to you through the leaves of the trees, what whispers your name when the wind blows? 🌬️🌲

Do you wish to work with hemp, replacing plastic and cleaning up gaia? ✨🌹

Would you like to work with oceanic technology? Making ground breaking discoveries and cleaning the oceans? 🌊

Would you like to work with space technology, and the breakthroughs we are about to go through? 👽

Does the education system call to you? Would you like to see changes and growth implemented into our education system? Transforming it into a new world system? 🌍

Does saving the animals beckon you? Making changes in our ecosystems through saving the animals from being killed for our food? 🥒🌎

Does the healthcare field peak your interest? Holistic healing globally? 🌲🌹✨

What calls to you? Listen for the call.. your heart will beat fast, you’ll get excited and gets ideas… Quiet your mind … Release what you no longer need, close your eyes, ask your guides to assist you for your highest good… And see your future.. what are you doing ?? How are you doing it ?? What new technologies do you see? Do you see guides around you? What do you feel? Deep breaths, what do you hear??

4 responses to “Listen to your Heart”

  1. Can you please explain that we say we love from the heart, we listen to the heart, etc. exactly the heart is an organ whose function is to pump blood so why do we connect our emotions and feelings with the heart?


    1. Well, yes. But your heart is also home to your emotions and dreams. You love with your heart do you not? Each heart has it’s own energy center, a chakra. And its energy field is what you love from. Not the organ itself. Although, heart disease and other heart problems can be directly traced to an emotional heart problem. This meaning, a child who is neglected throughout its life, may develope heart problems physically. And just the opposite can happen, you can heal your heart through its chakra.

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      1. Well,beautifully penned down the abstract thoughts


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