Saging my home.

Saging my home.

I start by lighting my candle. I try to religiously keep a candle lit around me. I’ll even carry it from room to room with me when I’m working.

I light my sage off the candle light. If you don’t have alot of time, torches work well for getting the sage lit quickly.

Go to your front door and walk through your home, going to every cabinet, every closet, the attack and open them up and wave the sage in front of them.. or in them. Make sure to get the refrigerator, and stove. Then go in a complete circle, back to the front door, and wave the energy out the door.

As I’m going through the house I say something like this:

“All negativity in this home is demanded to leave, with love and peace. You are no longer allowed here. This house belongs to the light. I ask the holy light to come in, and fill this house with protection and love. I ask the angels to dwell here an sleep all within safe.”

I repeat this as I safe the whole time. You can change this up.. make it your own. But this has allowed me to remove negative entities from homes with great success.

Sage isn’t the only way to cleanse your home though. You can use sound, clapping, high vibrational music, you can hold a stone in your hand, use a candle, use salt, use essential oils or inscense.. it’s about your intentions when you’re doing it.

*Edited* always walk clockwise through your home.

Why do this? Sage is very sacred to our ancestors and is used in blessing and removing negative energies from People, Altars, Cars, Homes, and Offices. The list can go on and on. Sage clears negativity and brings about positive energy.

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