The power of Healing and Fogiveness

I like the mind. It’s so healing.. it’s where all our magick happens.

Ready to forgive yourself? This is powerful and even just reading it, begins the process subconsciously.

First, you have to understand that you have been blinded and lied to, and let down, and hurt and your actions were actions taken before you were aware of the things you know now. Just like forgiving a friend who is unaware of something, you can forgive yourself.

It’s important to forgive yourself so you can make room for the better, brighter you! It allows for release of things that you no longer need to carry with you. It also makes forgiving others alot easier.

So to begin with, find a quiet spot, close your eyes and imagine a white room. This room is totally empty, solid white walls and floor, and ceiling. This room is yours, it belongs to you, your new safe haven. This room will always belong to you, and you claim this space by walking over to each wall, and you write your name on each one, in big bold letters.. decorate your space as peaceful as you can.. put a cozy chair in the room, you can imagine that this room is filled with the holy light, the Angels come here to help you heal. Imagine this room is so peaceful, you never want to leave. Then know, that since you have created this room in your mind, you own it forever, it will only go away if you make it.

You notice a mirror on the wall across the room. You get up, and walk over to it. It’s beautiful and ancient. It has a gorgeous golden frame that feels like pure love. This mirror isn’t just any mirror.. you look at you and see a miraculous new you! A person you don’t know yet. Your higher self. She/he is looking back at you, and you see her change, she becomes the child you once were. The child who allowed things to happen that you didn’t like, just bc you felt like it was the only way. You see the sister/brother you were, you see the teenager you were, you see the mother/father/aunt/uncle you used to be. You see the things you did, the things you’re not so proud of.. and you see the you that was last year, and then months ago… This person is ever growing and changing for the better. You’re becoming the you that you wish to be.

So take time now, to look into your eyes.. and say these words “I forgive you, I forgive you totally and completely for anything you did before this point. I forgive you for not using your voice and saying no, I forgive you for not being there when someone needed you, I forgive you for self sabotaging behavior.. I forgive you.”

Then, take time to breathe. Relax, hold yourself metaphorically.. hug the inner child that you wish you could have protected. Feel her/his pain and heal it in this moment. Show yourself love, and accept that love from yourself. Embrace the GOD/GODDESS that you are. Stand In your power from this point on. Become the person you have been working to become for so long. Rise from the ashes and feel the love and the magic you have within you. 🖤

After you do this meditation…

I want you to say outloud;
While you hold your hand over your heart:

I love me, I love me. I love every ounce of me. I love my body. I love my life. I love my mind. I love my smile. I love every cell this body holds. I love my soul. I love my eyes. I forgive myself, for how I have been lately, and in the past. I forgive me for all those things that happened before this moment. I am sorry, and I will change from this point on.

Man, I thought the healing was deep till now. I’m blown away. I’m excited to see the the manifesting of this purging. Only one or two people know what I’m manifesting. It’s going to change my reality and the realities of those around me. The realizations, the epiphanies are insane today! ! Magick is happening.

Want to chase your healing? And quit being a victim? Find someone who triggers you and sit with it. Think it over. What are they reflecting? Put a side the projecting and observe. How are you like them and why? This can change your life.

See the truth of the life you live.

I have had two ppl block me over standing in my power. One wanted me to shorten my posts for his group. I said no. This is naturally written, I don’t sit down with the intention of writing two paragraphs.. I flow, Like a river.

The other, couldn’t handle the truth in what I had to tell her. She didn’t believe she could manifest a better life by changing her mindset from Can’t and Don’t to I Can and I Will.

I’m not always love and light, I will tell you the truth so that you see what you need to, and I expect the same back. I am not perfect. I’m still learning and growing myself.

In all your triggers, anger, and self pity, there is a truth that is keeping you in a victim mindset, expand past that… find the unbiased truth.

7 responses to “The power of Healing and Fogiveness”

  1. I wish Forgiveness was easier said than done….but for peace of your own mind it must be done….nice post 👍🏻😀


    1. Its definitely not easy. It takes wanting change, seeking truth, and really going deep into those moments when you just want to block everything out. You have to sit there. And ask yourself. Why?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. And it’s not just once, or just in one instance, it’s a lifestyle change.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How very true…it takes sometimes years of controlling your mind, your emotions to get there ….to bring yourself to truly forgive 😌😀


        1. Yes, you can think you have and it comes back around with a deeper meaning. 💚

          It’s like the seashell, the cycles of life. Fibonacci sequence 🥰

          Liked by 1 person

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