Tiffany “Prim” Powell

I began this journey along the shores of Panama city beach, and deep within the wilderness of Florida’s inner Woodlands.

The sun on my skin spoke wisdom to each cell, the ocean waves crashing on the shore brought balance and resistance. The white sandy beaches showed me the purest of loves as a child. I remember dreaming of the water and the magick she spoke of.

Later I would learn about another glorious gift the natural world has to offer: psilocybin mushrooms. I indulged in epic doses and rewired my brain to see things from a new light.

I am psychic. A healer. A guide. A medium. An adventure seeker. An observer. A dream interpreter. A mentor. A witch. I am all. And I embrace all.

I live in the United states and practice my witchcraft and shamanism as a lifestyle, and career. My readings include alot more than just pulling cards. I can read any energy. I can manifest instantly.

My magick is natural and I’ve done some deep work to get it tweaked to this point. But I still have lots of work to do… This journey is neverending.

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