I remember this day last year. I was with the love of my life, I had just moved in a little over a month before.

I had found my twin. Love ran Wild. I saw the golden energy of love between us, physically! The most incredible feeling came from this time in my life. All my puzzles fit together. Everything I had been missing in this life, was this man. My one true love.

Security, stability, knowledge oh the knowledge. My mind went crazy with love for all he knew. I had prayed for this man and he manifested me into his life, dreaming of a woman who wouldn’t argue and make him look silly, someone who could help him heal and be good to his girls. I was his Queen.

But we allowed our love to die and fall into abuse and I found out things couldn’t go anywhere positive and left. It was the most magickal and painful time of my life and I don’t regret it a bit.

He was my devil and I was his angel and we met at the lines of heaven and hell and danced in love.

Do I still love him? Of course. I send him healing a lot and pray he recieves. I wish we could still talk and maybe we will in the future.

I won’t settle for a love less than Golden Magick. Prior to this, I didn’t know real love. I didn’t know truth, (unbiased), I didn’t know my own truth. I only knew what I thought was true, and I was made to see different… I now love fully, with my whole heart…

Thank you.. for showing me all that you did, for I wouldn’t be me if you hadn’t.

Thankful for all the pain and all the love.

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