Self Refelction😉

“Everyone wants what they want and don’t care if anyone else needs anything. I’m not talking about materialistic things, food or money. I’m talking about what makes ppl happy. and what they try to do to make others happy. I try. that’s all I can do. as far as my happiness no one gives a damn. No one cares if I’m even alive. proof: my phone never rings. I don’t get texts crime friends saying how u doing. I don’t have co.workers calling me. my family hardly calls. I guess its my fault tho. the bitter ugly person I have become has ran everyone out of my life. maybe if more ppl cared I wouldn’t be like this at all.” POST FROM 2012

Let’s evaluate.

Phone never rings. Negative post. I had to truly find myself to understand that being a good friend got you good friends. And that it’s a two way street when it comes to relationships.  I didn’t like myself, I didn’t think about anyone else, except who I was loving at the time. I always talked about me.

My attitude was one of a victim. I had been hurt. What about me? What about my pain, what about the 4 months I lost…? What about my heart?  The sad truth, the world’s not going to stop spinning for your pain. You won’t recieve the purple heart in front of crowds. You won’t get validation or recognition. This life is not about you.. it’s about Experience, Love, Joy, Pain. Its about growth and wisdom and beauty. This life is about sharing and coming together in unity.

Looking back at the person I used to be, I am so damn proud to be who I am now. I adore looking at my memories. .

Let’s also look at the grammar and writing technique… I was not myself. My writing is, exquisite. How do you take this?

I find that I have grown so much in myself that I have learned, that we reflect who we are on the inside.

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