Infinite Self Healing

I send infinite love to all versions of myself. Thank you all for doing what you have to… you’re not alone. I love you all, to my inner child, baby hold on.. I’m with you… be strong, be at peace. I send you Protection and Angels.

So many thoughts come through my mind, and I was so curious. I knew love was with me through this life but it’s me. Writing love in the air… Angels in my door. When I was in jail, when I lost my mom and dad. It was me who held me, it was me who loved me through it all.

Everything exists all at once.. can you fathom this thought? All that trauma you went through, it’s happening now. All those spiritual syncretism… that’s now.

Looking back. I see.. it was always me. I had me. I never left me. The signs are so clear. I got me from here on out for damn sure. We Got this Baby.

This brings to mind the idea that maybe, our energies we experience now, may not have anything to do with our realities.. and maybe its our past version or future version going through something.

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