Manifesting and Music

What do you know about manifesting? I’ll give you a short version real quick and help you understand how you make your reality what it is.

We create everything around us through energy. We are vibrations and those vibrations effect how we perceive our lives. We think, and vibrations are sent out into the universe. We speak, and the same.

So, what’s your favorite music? Do you listen to music that brings you to a higher vibe? Do you listen to hateful and angry music? By all means have balance, but know… When you sing these songs, or rap them you’re also putting out vibrations.

In 2019 I got obsessed with a few songs that changed my life. One spoke of a love that I found months later. One spoke of not just preaching, and acting to make change in the world. And the other spoke of chemical addictions and I spent a 6 month period experiencing chemical reactions in my brain. (Those 6 months would change my life for the better).

Music can be wonderful and inspiring. You connect to your soul through singing and magick is done with music as well. Its proven that music changes the chemicals in the brain and can bring you from depressives states. Music can touch your heart and help you heal trauma.

What does this mean for you? Take time to evaluate the music you listen to. My playlists change often. I remove a song here and add one there. I like music that manifests magick, knowledge, and truth. I listen to a variety of things from Africa Spirituality to Rock to Rap.

I determine my music by the energy it puts out. I don’t avoid passionate songs that make me feel like I can protest and speak my mind.. but I avoid hate. I don’t like music that doesn’t make sense. Women and cars, money and all that mess can be for others, and I’ll jam to my dude Be, and my other favorite artists.

Be is a friend I met on facebook, around the time I lost my mother. He has taken his spiritual journey and made 3 albums so far. His music is highly addictive and available all over … He talks about all things spiritual in his music, and he tells what he feels daily. He doesn’t sugarcoat and will teach you about yourself through his words. Check him out 👇⤵️

“I create Music Infused with Pleiadian
Light language & Reiki Healing energy.

I write about my personal feelings & experiences throughout my Awakening
journey, Hoping to help others Heal &
not feel so alone.

Check out my music 👇

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Call or Text @HOPELINENC for help: 877-235-4525
You talk, & They Listen
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Thank you for listening & always Supporting me as an artist!

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There are plenty of other artists who have some very enlightening and truthful music that can bring you closer to your goals. Use Google and find some new music so you can experience a different reality.

Some of my favorites: Chris Webby, Snow the Product, Sa-Roc, Oshun, John Legend, Be Bradley, Rittz, Yelawolf. Each artists has their good and low songs. I like them all.. but I don’t listen to them all on a regular basis. Its important to me to keep my music positive.

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