Your Reality is You.

Every time you complain about life, someone else, or something.. replace it with “i” and see how it sounds.

I.e. If people would actually act like they cared this life would be easier… if ‘I’ actually acted like I cared, This life would be easier.

See the difference? Caring about yourself is top priority and then you’re able to care for your family to perform at your job.

Do you allow yourself to be mistreated? Do you mistreat yourself? Do you allow yourself to be disrespected? Do you disrespect yourself?

There’s a direct reflection in your spiritual relationships and your physical, or biological relationships, and your reality. If you find it hard to connect with people, and to have good friends and relationships, It directly reflects your relationship with yourself.

When you start showing yourself the same respect you expect from others, and the same love you want from others, everything changes. There’s a great way of starting the build a relationship with yourself and it involves invoking your spirit guides, higher self angels, holy light, jesus, or spirit guides to assist you.

Most signs that you’re doing right, are getting the help you need, or are making the right choices are your blessings. You’ll find some money when you needed it or you will get a job opportunity will come about.

✨ Synchronicity
✨ Angel numbers, repeating 222, 333, etc
✨ You’re getting what you need and are thankful
✨ You see other signs, such as feathers, angels in the clouds, get chills, see golden dots or flakes around you…
✨ A general love for life, positive energy, and feeling of love.

Then there are signs your on the out and out on your path. Karma seems to be kicking your ass.. you can’t find the blessings in the lessons because you can’t see past how your emotions are making you feel, you feel alone, like no one cares. The darkness seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been here, stuck in a downward spiral. 🖤

So, ☝️☝️ If you’re on this path, and you’re wanting to establish your relationships with your guides, things you should consider:

❤️ How can you make your perspective shift to see the blessings?
❤️ How can you find the silver lining and grasp that energy?
❤️ How can I change my own personality to better suit my wishes and desires?
❤️ What things do I need to work on in myself in order to attract the relationships I desire?

This should not keep you from inviting your guides to help you, this is how you begin.. but you have to continue working, and growing, and changing for the better if you’re looking to have a relationship with your guides that is beneficial to your soul.

#spirituality #spiritguides #selfrespect #selflove

2 responses to “Your Reality is You.”

  1. Yeah if you love yourself then you will be able to expect love from others.


  2. Im working on it but, i have a hard time loving myself. I see my flaws and hate them. Im w capricorn and strive for perfection. But im trying


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