Dark Night Of the Soul

Dark night of the soul.. some of you are experiencing this right now. Remember when you’re doing Shadow work, you must breathe through the pain, deep, deep breaths. Inhale all of the good stuff and exhale of all of the negativity and all of the pain. Remember that emotions are energy in motion and whenever you breathe through its you allow them to flow instead of becoming a block in your body. When something becomes blocked in your body it Blocks Your Blessings, it Blocks Your Love, It blocks everything and that’s why you’re having to heal right now. Learning about breathe okwork can help you through these next few months. For me the dark night of the soul lasted the better part of a year. It began this time last year. And its transformed me into who I am today. It will feel like hell, like the tower is crumbling and it is. That’s because your vibration is Raising oh, and the people and things that are in your life now or vibrating at a lower vibration than where you’re headed. This is what you have asked for in your prayers.. Your attachments and trauma are what causes the pain. YOU ARE NOT YOUR TRAUMA. You are not your pain. Allow those energies to leave and get ready for your brand new life.

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