Love is such a mind blowing thing that has been shaped, changed, judged, and condemned in this life.

Let me be the first to tell you, when you open yourself up to the truth of love you’ll find peace and freedom. . .

I have changed my life so much just in this month. Healing my trauma has come up again. And its manifested in such a magnificent and spiritual way that it can only be from God, the Universe, Me…

So what is love? Everything has love in it. Love creates in this life. We are love, (light manifested), its our natural state. Love is the basis of All. When we embrace all that we are and begin to love all as we love ourselves and love ourselves as the Gods we are, then our lives change so rapidly. I have some testimonies of manifesting from just this past week. . I believe the two 24 hour instances weren’t incredibly amazing. And then third was right on point and took 72 hours at best, and would have never happened had I not embraced my freedom in whom I allow myself to love. I wont limit my love to one person, my kids, and my close friends. I will love anyone who I feel that connection with that I crave so much. I will love them until our own realities allow, and then I’ll allow a peaceful and bittersweet parting. . We love others on such different levels and that has been made to be wrong.. I love others a little different and more and little less.. but when it comes to love, it’s all allowed, It flows. Nothing in this life is constant, save Self and Love.
All at once my magick came to life in my reality on Jan 1. Last year, since June I took advantage of every moon cycle and did soulful connections Magick. Not just for me.. for the collective consciousness.. I did these magick spells and they are on my profile.. They are all happening.

Personally I believe my magick is so powerful now because of the self love I embrace, the freedom I allow my soul, and the Love I share with all you. I’m honoured to have these blessings and loves in my life. I’m honoured to be so free and so loving. I’m honoured to know who and what I am in this.
I’m excited to see what’s coming next.

One response to “LOVE”

  1. Wonderful and a heartfelt post. Loved these lines:
    ” I believe my magick is so powerful now because of the self love I embrace, the freedom I allow my soul, and the Love I share with all you.” 💕💕💕💕


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