Universal Love for Self

I have been doing this hard work for months right, magikally healing, doing SPELLWORK for soul connections, finding peace in old situations, taking accountability for my actions. I have manifested the same things for 6 months in all I do, my candles, my baths, my fires and my baby leaves, my words and my water, my body and my mind I have made magick happen daily. Listen. You dont havehave to sit in that situation that is draining your soul. That dead end job. That abusive situation. The universe will provide all you need when you show yourself some love. If you walked away today, and just knew you would be fine… guess what.. you wouldnt lack a bit. It’s all about how much love you have for yourself, which in turn turns into how much love you have for the universe since you are all things. I made the intention about a week ago to write a song. I’ve manifested this man, that I’ve designed for months, I literally spoke what I knew I deserved to the universe. . I’ve worked on healing sexually. Ive grown and sought knowledge on all levels. 3 days after making that decision to sing and write a song I met the man I’m seeing now. Hes a producer. Hes business smart. Hes powerful and doesn’t know it. His body is that of an Egyptian God. Hes funny, omg so funny. Our connection was that of love at first sight and it was a wrap. All my dreams in this man, down to his chocolate skin and beautiful smile.

But he wanted me to silence myself to appease the feelings of his mother and grandmother as they are jehovah’s witnesses…

I thought long and hard on what the outcome would be if I walked away. Lose ALL of this or Silence myself? For what? After being in hell for 33 years in silence? Noooo boo boo. I knew the universe would provide another opportunity for me. And I spoke my truth. I told him how I felt and he said, you know, your right. When I left my ex, I had nothing. Not even a working phone, just one I could use on wifi. I was without a car, job, and in a town that I had moved to in order to be with him. Both parents had passed away and I had no one to call for help. The situation had gotten so bad I was ready to leave walking. I had My kid, 100$ and my tarot cards. But I knew I would be just fine.I have been paying more and more attention to how I word things. I’m tired of always healing. So I’m healed. I have room for other things now..

I made it. I not only made it, I found myself.

You are magick.

Find it.

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