Dream Space

In 2014 I had a dream. I struggle sometimes to remember my dreamscapes, due to the intake of THC but at this particular time I was studying the Quran, with respect to the religion. My system was super clean of any kind of drugs, chemicals, meat, alcohol. I found myself having a super vivid dreams, even past live dreams. In this dream I found myself surrounded by this golden white light, I was in it was I. My body was non-existent but I knew I was me. It was as if I was floating up and backwards at an angle kind of like an acute triangle. It was peaceful I was calm, I had no fear. And I paid closer attention to what was forming in front of me as I was being drawn back. I saw a sun form or what to me look like a sun. And the further I got back the sun became part of a solar system, but it was nothing like our solar system. This solar system had like 35 to 40 planets and they were all a lot closer together than what we imagine our solar system being. In between all these planets there were stardust and meteors, it was a beautiful solar system coming together and I was steadily floating back. I saw Saturn except for it was standing upright on its ring like it was in the middle of a wheel, I saw Jupiter except for it had rings like Saturn. I imagine as I was floating, how magical this place was. I knew that this was home and that I had come from the light, but the solar system was nothing like what I imagine or like what we think our solar system is, it was totally cluttered and unorganized, it was magnificent.

I continued to be pulled back until the whole galaxy spun in front of my eyes. It was this beautiful pink and purple majestic scene of power and glory and grace. This dream was a key. And I finally realized what gate this key opens.

Over this past summer I had another dream that reminded me of this particular Galaxy that spun before my eyes and 2014. This particular dream that I had over the summer I saw six moons spread across the sky. Each Moon had a beam of light coming straight down off of it, and each beam of light had a ring like a disc around it, just one. The dream felt something like an initiation, and as I looked across the sky I saw a mountain range bathed in pink and purple light from the setting Sun. walking across this mountain range was a line of beings dressed in white roads I believe they had hoods and each carrying a lantern bright with white light. The mood was peace and serenity, love was abound. These two dreams are somehow connected and I can’t figure out how.

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