My Dreams Are Coming True

In a few weeks I’ll be opening the doors on very own apothecary. It’s a small, little shed of a building but its mine. I have dreamed of that moment for years and now it’s so close.

I won’t waste time on making things perfect, I’ll slam the doors open and sing my grand opening on April 1.

I’ve revamped my services and the list of prices I offer and in doing this, I began crying tears of gratitude. There are so many things I’ll be able to do now, so many people to help.

If I can give you any advice today, it would be go after what you want. Don’t let things like, “what if” and “cant” stop you.

I dreamed I woke up to 5,000+ in my bank account. This is a great omen of abundance and prosperity ahead. And with the way humanity is waking up, my services will be needed more than ever. My guides said it would happen, they told me I’d have all I needed.. I just needed to have faith. I Am Faith.

❤👑 New Services 👑❤

❤ 10 usd for 10 cards.

❤ 30 mins for 30usd this includes a 6 hour programmed reiki session. I send voice messages and pic of your cards or a video.

❤️Tarot/psychic/energy reading 60usd 1 hour.

Includes an introduction to your spirit guides and tools to change your life for the better. I give you information you need, of your highest good, and tell you how you can achieve your goals. I employ my own gifts with cards and pendulums. This is an hour session.

Past lives. Spiritual growth. Fertility. Emplyment. Health. Psychic Reading
Love. Blockages. Message from the Angels. Finances. Life paths.

❤️Magick spells 50usd- done for your highest good, through the quantum realms of possibilities.

❤️Reiki Healing sessions 60usd- 1 hour
20usd mini session

❤️Counceling/guidance 10usd-20usd- depending on time needed.

❤️Energy clearing/cord cutting/jar work 40 usd- remove unwanted conscious or subconscious cords, contracts, implants, negative attachments..

❤️Home cleansings75usd- includes saging and blessing your home, to remove unwanted spirits and entities. Can be done through distance or local and in home.

❤️Medium ship readings 40 usd- get messages from loved ones passed, your guides, and your ancestors.

❤️Mentorship 40 usd a month. (Unless I have taken you on already) – this is an all inclusive idea. Learn all you need to know, message me whenever to ask questions, and I assist in your prolonged healing.

❤ Deceased Loved One therapy and healing. Reiki offered as a healing method, Celebration of Life Ceremony also available. During this therapy and ceremony I connect to your loved one and make sure they have crossed over properly. 100 usd

❤ 20 usd monthly subscription.. includes monthly magick for your highest good, a free reading each month, a newsletter and collective reading each month.. and 1 session of reiki a month for free.

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