Set Your Intentions

For awhile now this post has been coming. . I couldn’t quite grasp how it was to unfold and it kept me in doubt about writing it.

Life is based off your intentions. Intentions are what you aim for, your plan, what you want the outcome to be… this is how your life rotates.

I’m no scientist, but I do some research when I want to know, and learning about the double-slit experiment blew my mind. * Google it.

My past had me in survival mode, and it conditioned me to always be looking for a way to make it. This had me using people who thought I was a friend. And it had me constantly struggling with bad karma. I was only Having to survive and doing what I thought to be right.

My childhood wasn’t the best, so learning about life was up to me as an adult. We have come to a place as humanity where we are realizing our past isn’t working any longer and we need change. This change happens with you, from the heart. We can no longer use our childhood, our traumas, and our healing as a crutch. Change has to happen, and that is exactly what I did.

I made vows to myself and the universe that I wouldn’t hurt another soul, in any shape or form. I don’t want to cause pain, and in doing this one simple thing .. I shifted realities.

Intentions are magick, they are the fabric of the stars. Your deepest intentions are what your life is based on. Your karma is decided off these. When you have pure intentions, and you’re not out to hurt others, either intentionally or not, the universe will give you all you desire.

We work as a multiverse.. everything a holographic projection of source. You are all, you are those others that you see on the street. What you do to them, you do to yourself. Look at them as a mirror and aim for the best way to uplift them, offer support or love them.

Set your intentions high and stand in them. Do not be waived by fears that keep you from what you deserve. Be love, be pure.

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