Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting is the topic today so we will discuss why you are or aren’t bringing in the things you desire in your life.

Some believe your intentions are all that matter, some say you can only manifest though action and envisioning your dream.

I know that theres more than one way to get what you want and you better learn them all. Manifesting is the magick I do, it’s the way I walk in my life.. my words and thoughts are now trained to bring things in that I need < needing is your biggest problem when it comes to manifesting.

When you place a verb in front of an object or goal, the verb is what’s manifested. When you need money you’re going to always be in a state of needing money. It’s like the pursuit of happiness.. the pursuit is what’s being brought into reality. So when you want something, make it easy….

Why do we manifest? Why aren’t you manifesting the things you want? Why do others seem to have this gift naturally?

We manifest because we are Gods and Goddeses, Source Energy, The Universe experiencing life as I. We each are individual aspects of Source.

HUE-MAN- Light Manifested

Your reality is a conjoinung of all the things you think and feel regularly. If you want different you have to seek it, otherwise you’re stuck in the cycle you’re in. How do you do this? Study manifesting, quantum physics, meditate, practice divination or magick, learn reiki, psilocybin mushrooms and acid help. All of these will bring new perspectives in your life and awaken the gifts within you. When you find yourself, and I mean who you truly are.. you’ll know you are a God and you’ll bring things into your reality naturally.

In order to properly manifest you have to understand that you must give something up, be open to new opportunities, widen your beliefs to being limitless. You can’t claim you need money while doing a money spell. You have to Know that you’ll have what you need, in fact that you have it now. Where you place your core beliefs, values, and energy is exactly where your manifesting is coming from. You can’t say you want a new job or new life and not work towards it physically. The action taking step is one of the most important when it comes to having all you want and this is how you see people making moves that bring them success in all they do. They get up and act. They dont stay in front of an illusion of life of another dreaming of what they have. These people bring things to their realities because they know if they don’t give up they will succeed. They believe if another can do something so can they.

Reasons you don’t get what you want:
1. You’re not healed. You must heal from depression, anxiety, and any mental disorder that effects your daily life. Do this through affirmations. Quit claiming it. Say *I am healed* instead of I have …………
2. You don’t believe in magick. You are limiting your beliefs and therefore you’re blocking your blessings. Anything is possible.
3. You’re not acting, meditating, or trying… some say what they want and that’s it. Then get mad because they don’t get what they want from the universe.
4. You’re bitter, negative, or you have bad intentions..
5. You’re in the middle of a soul lesson.
6.  You don’t believe you truly deserve what it is you’re asking for or your vibration doesn’t match what you’re asking for.

How can you make it past this? Affirmations, meditation, learning, opening your mind, understanding why you have what you have, gratitude for what you have. Unlearning is the hardest part. You must unlearn all you were told about life, magick, and the universe. You have to break out of the box the matrix has has you stuck in. You have to have faith, a without-a-doubt knowing that you can and will do what it is you’re dreaming of.

The most important part is gratitude. Show thanks for what you have now, be thankful for life and know you can change anything you wish, if you only have faith and patience.

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