Vampires of the Real World

Vampires, we all wanted to be one growing up. They are immortal, mystical, powerful dreams we could dream while sitting in front of the tv growing up. They dripped in magick and mystical allure, oh Queen of the Damned was my favorite growing up!

Did you know vampires really do exist? And they are draining your energy, your life force on a daily basis. We each have a cord to one another, and this cord allows for energy flow in either direction. This cord is attached to so many people in your life, even if you do not talk every day or at all. These cords can be removed when no longer serving you, and it’s very wise to do a cord removal often.

A person who comes to you all the time with their problems, complains all the time, or constantly has to have you engaged in something with them.. is taking your energy. Someone who speaks fear or doubt into you is also draining you.

Free will becomes a whole new ballgame when we talk about energy vampires. You’re being manipulated to give your life force to those who always “need” you. 9 times out of 10 these people aren’t there for you when you need them, or when they hear you, they laugh and mock your pain.

News, the television, the matrix.. this is mass energy drainage. Clocking in for someone who is abusive and degrading, feeling like you have too, this is energy manipulation, Massive Vampiric Energy draining the masses on a huge scale.

A lot of times empaths will have people come to them naturally because we are healers. Shielding is important in this situation. Shielding protects your energy and the other person’s as well. Just imagine a golden bubble surrounding you, 6 foot in circumference. This bubble is filled with golden energy, flowing all around and through you. Make the intention that this bubble not allow anyone else’s energy to enter and your energy cannot leave unwillingly.

The difference in who comes to you regularly for help, and those draining you is in their behavior. Is this person there for you? Does their behavior show they love you? Are they genuinely positive people?

Protecting your energy is very vital in this life. Your energy is all you really have.. Take time to think about all those in your life and which fit which description. Will you be able to set good boundaries to protect yourself?

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