Meditation is alot easier than most people would care to admit. Visualization isn’t hard, it’s natural, burned into us. It’s how we work all the time. When you close your eyes and you’re told to visualize something, you may no see anything with your two physical eye balls. Sometimes, some people do say they see colorful visions and things. When I meditate, I think I associate it more with my intuition. I feel things rather than see them, if that makes sense. It’s the same when I do guide readings or card readings. I’m feeling energy. It’s important also, to know that just bc you don’t stay focused doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Easiest forms of meditations that I find are guided meditations online or on youtube. You can search a guided meditation for any and all purposes. You can grow your psychic powers through meditation, you can build relationships with guides through meditating. Use meditation to find yourself, the inner you that’s craving to escape the bars of limitations, the one whose overcame so much and now has so much to give. Mediation can change your life. You will get a handle on it if you keep at it and know you’re working towards a goal.

To start with, most will tell you to sit or lay down, I like to lay down.. I can’t comfortably sit and meditate normally, I’m not sure why. Use some earbuds for best effects when doing guided meditations or listening to music. There’s stigma around falling asleep while mediating, I find it’s quite relaxing. Lol.

Most of the time, the second instruction is to focus on your breathe. Breathing techniques are different in each one, and you can Google breathing techniques and adapt as you go. Different techniques will open different doors for you. When you’re meditating and you’re being drawn to thought or find it hard bc you can’t stay focused, don’t lose hope. This is normal. Your body works off its own programming. You’re retaining your body to listen to you, not the cycles it’s been adjusted to. When you find this happening, just come back to your breathe. Each time you meditate and you’re doing this, you’re growing in your control of yourself. Don’t give up.

Practice for just 5 mins to start with. Meditate on one word, something you want to bring into your life. Focus on a period in the future that would bring this one word to you. Create a fantasy of it coming to you, and hold onto that feeling.

It’s important when visualizing that you do it in futuristic terms. You’re moving from living in the past to creating a future. This is one of the keys to Manifesting.

An example of this would something like soulful connections. If I was to focus on soulful connections and imagine myself meeting all these grand people, all these souls I feel a strong connection to, and hold that thought for 5 mins, the universe will start conspiring to the chemicals my brain produces during that 5 mins. The visuals may change and shift, and that’s usually fine with me. My Meditations usually play like slide shows and they work well for me. When you want to bring it back to the breathe is when you start thinking about things that don’t pertain to your meditation.

One thing you should do, is look into the side effects of meditating. Google and read some things that will help you learn to better help yourself along your path.

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