My daughter said some words to me this morning that touched my soul. It was freezing, and she had watched me cry over the pain in my neck… I was so uncomfortable but still playing with her, and making her smile..

She said, “Mama, thank you for all you have done for me.” Tears… I asked her what she meant, and she said her whole life, everything. ❤😭

I found what I thought was the love of my life in 2019. The energy and love was insane but as we are balance, the darker parts of that relationship were quite dark. She went through some abuse and its effects her still. For 6 months I allowed this to go on and then finally got away. No one in this life has been able to touch the love I felt from that man… but I walked away for my kid.

My Family, listen when I tell you this. Your kids will thank you for leaving that abusive house. They are being effected too. Your kids will see the love you have for them if you leave.. They will see how much you want them to live a life without abuse. They will love you more for it.

Walking away from what you think you need, to protect and love your babies opens you up to the blessings of the universe. Walk away. Without a thing, get on the school bus with your kid.. walk out the door while the abuser is asleep. There are shelters, motels, and people out here who will help you, leave. For peace, for love, for your babies. This goes for men and women, and for those who don’t yet have kids. Free Thyself.

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