Divine Truth

When I thank the universe it’s funny because it ends up being that I’m thanking myself. To know that I am all, and that I thank the universe for the blessings in my life, I’m actually thanking myself for the hard work that I put in right? So if I am all and all of the universe is within me I am Source energy I am God basically what I pray I’m praying to me. Those of you those of you who say that there’s a higher power above me and then I’m not God, and that I’m delusional; have you studied manifesting? Have you looked into how things are brought into your life and intentions and your words that manifest and you are thoughts that manifest?  Have you considered that may be the reason you’re not getting the things that you think you need or the things that you think you want or because you’re praying to the wrong person? For me to say that I am goddess call triggers a lot of people. But you have to realize who I am, I follow no religion, Also no standards, your version of right and wrong do not apply to me. And it should be that way for you…  And I am Goddess. And I claim all of the power of the universe. The thing about this is you too are Goddess or God, manifesting your life through your vibration and your beliefs. You can no longer say that anything that happens to you as a result of anything outside of you because you are all. You must take accountability for the stuff that you’ve taken into the actions that have gotten you where you are now and if you’re not happy with where you are now you need to move forward and change things because you’re in power nobody else can take your power. You have the power to change everything about your life as long as you have patience, drive, motivation, and Faith in you!

Have you ever made something? Created from nothing but an image in your mind? Have you ever dwelled in the negative and saw the negative energy that manifests in your life because of that? I know damn well I have. I created a whole human being! KINDA GODDESS LIKE TO ME.

Accept what you are and let the ideas what you thought was true fall away. Allow magick to happen for you when you jump out of the matrix. Put that bible down and listen to your soul, or read it from the view of God. 👏

We are magickal and they fear the day you learn that.. who is they? Most people. Bevause then you’ll shine like a mother fucker and thet will be fearful.. of your power, success, growth. Let it all go… become what you’re meant to be.

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