🌬🌲 The beauty of the morning has me in awe. I sat under the trees and heard the birds singing as I watched the sky change from Dark to Bright. The colors of the sky mesmerize me.

I sat there, repeating affirmations and making intentions as I planted my feet to the ground … I invoked the universe.

She whispered so sweetly as I heard the beautiful songs of the birds.. and She said:

We started from one. All creatures in this universe, the planets and entities within it, we started from One..

As I looked at the colors in the sky and the birds flying by, I felt a oneness and gratitude beyond this life. Tears rolled down my face as I thanked the universe for that.. but then I asked for more.

What is light? Light is Soul the universe said..

Did we come from light?
The light came from the darkness, we started out as No-Thing.. all black darkness and from that sprang life.

The beautiful part, we all did this, this beautiful life and all its creations.. we, The Creator.

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