Will you arise?

Freedom is my main concern, and yours is being manipulated to the finest degree. I came here, from another time and another place to remind you there’s a rebel in your blood. One who wouldn’t dare let another take anything much less your FREEDOM. A simple reminder, important still, to remember the past and who you are.

I came to remind you, you’re not mere human, but a God, walking this earth manifested to create. I came to remind you, Your power is Greater than you could imagine. Close your eyes and see yourself, a magnificent being, magickal and powerful.

I came to remind you, the time is now. It’s time to stand in your power and stand your ground. You have to remember, or you’ll wait too long, your power will dwindle, and the flame will be gone. Take time to think, let the chills fill your cells, for you know. It’s truth I tell.

It’s time to remember, who the real god is. When all you have is your hands and feet, when you’re beaten and down and can’t even speak, you only have one person and that person is you. Rise up, the Phoenix you are is emerging now! From the ashes claim your power and make your victory lap! It’s time to fight, in your life, your job, your school, your community for peace and justice.

It’s time to make a change and it starts today, it starts with you and it starts with me. I ask you, will you stand in your power? Will you walk away from abuse? Will you gain control of your life? Will you make the changes you need? Your freedom is on the line, although no cages threaten you. A prisoner to the pain, misfortune, a slave to the “game”, will you allow it to continue?

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