It started two years ago- some might say- my deep awakening. But my true illusionary awakening was in 2014. This is when I learned of the world we truly live in and the lies held in the false truths of the news and media- the conditioning of the world- the lies of history. It was dark and heart breaking and I’d go through a whirlwind of emotions before becoming emotionally stable in 2019.

But two years ago I started my healing journey- healing myself and others. Now- two years after I’ve worked on myself/lost my mother/ moved 3 states: I’ve grown so much that I’m having a hand in others evolving daily and it fills my soul with light and love.

I wake up to messages that speak of shifting/growth/healing and it’s done at the whim of these healing hands. It’s a beautiful thing when someone comes to you in tears because of the truth you allowed them to see, and the spiritual work done; and it’s all I’ve wanted for so long. As long as I can remember- while diving into my own pool of sludge and pain- to just touch another soul and help them to feel better. I knew all to well the painful attacks of the mind in the dark- something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Divine Truth and Magick LLC is taking off and I’m here for it. I’m ready for life to shift and change on grand scales all around the universe. I’m ready for the light to take over and for the matrix to crumble- I’m here for it. I came here for just this reason and I’ve found my calling/passion/mission. Whatever label you wish: I’ll chase it. I’ll chase the healing of the planet/people/ and all that need love in this universe.

I remember who I am. I’m remembering who I am. I remember my power, my past lives, I integrate all day everyday. I’m working hard on me.

And Remembering.

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