Manifest Your Desires

Oooo I love the topic of manifesting! You can’t believe you’ll get what you want- you have to KNOW. If you doubt it, question it, wonder when you’ll get it- you’ll have to start over. Manifesting successfully is simply aligning to universe for your personal desires. We are supposed to be able to manifest on demand, but throughout the ages our powers have been killed and suppressed. There’s no reason to feel greedy or like you’re asking for too much. Simply have a pure heart while manifesting. Ask the universe and be thankful all I’m the same breath. Ways to manifest: ❤️ Facebook status. I have used Facebook to manifest for 2 years now. ❤️ journal. Write what you desire detailed and in past tense. ❤️ mala beads. Use beads and say your affirmations as you count the beads. ❤️ sex magick- your manifesting comes from your sacral chakra. Heal it. Work your magick in the sexual organs. Embrace all of who you are. ❤️ visualization. See in the minds eye what you want. Visualize it clearly and for about 10 minutes each day. Then get up and do something towards that goal, no matter how small. ❤️ vision boards. Cut out pics of what you want and make a collage on the wall. ❤️ music. Listen to music that supports the life you want. ❤️ magick. My absolute fave! When you manifest- you create from nothing out of the quantum realm. There’s no taking from another person, or imbalance in the universe if you ask for 10,000$ a month. The fabric of the universe is where everything comes from. Healing is important around this topic. Your ego, shadow, inner child all have an affect on how your manifestings come into fruition. You should check your energy daily prior to working on your manifesting.

The most important tip is to know what and who you are. You are source energy, God manifest into flesh. You have the powers to create any and all things. You control the energies around you. You create life when have children, or plant seeds. You are all powerful. REMEMBER.

There’s soooo much more!!

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Divine Truth and Magick

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