Past life mediations

Interested in knowing why you and your “twin” have had this experience in this life?

I listened to this meditation, outside Under a tree. It changed my life.

Make the intention that you experience the past lives you and this other person may have shared prior to this life. Use headphones for the best experience. Close your eyes and play the video.

If you have trouble visualizing, know that visualization is actually a psychic power that’s worked like a muscle. You have to develop it sometimes.

Silencing the mind can be hard for many. The ego is a great distractor. Affirmations help. “I surrender to this meditation”. Focusing on your breathe automatically stops the ego from talking.

Anytime you meditate you’re teaching your mind that you are in control. It’s a practiced skill. Do it with love for your journey- and eagerness for growth and you’ll develop it beautifully.

This is a long drawn out meditation. It’s a past life regression session. You can skip to about 10 minutes in and still get the same affect.

I’ve used this particular meditation several times and have been able to integrate things into this life, and I’m excited about it. Any meditation can be geared to your own personal intentions for growth.

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