Sols Connection

Sitting here, outside at 4 am. The bugs chirping and what not- I seek connection with Gaia, with my higher self.

I’m surrounded by teaching energies and energies that tend to feel bittersweet. Reminding me of a time not so long ago- when I was in my head all the time. Self sabotaging to the point of mental disaster.

I often think of when this all began- bringing myself to a lifetime of sorrowful events- trying to determine when I began my healing. I see it’s been eons in the making- and this life and previous ones of recent had clouded my judgement and taken me from my sol. Looking back I always felt protected no matter where I went in this life as a child, no matter who I was with. I clung to the Idea of Jesus being with me at a very young age.

I found my connection to my sol again when I was 33. I have known several others whose path is similar to mine- and they hit that hard core true healing awakening opening up the crown at 33. Jesus was also one of these people.

I’ve found some will never awaken. Some will never heal. Some will always push the negative and force their will ok others- but if I focus on me- I can change the world.

I began shedding light at birth and I realize this now. The darkness was not a place of terror because I was the light. I was the protection.

When I think of others and their paths- I just hope I can in-lighten them some time what was stolen from me for so long. I just hope others feel that connection with spirit and the joy it brings me- in hopes they will begin helping themselves through Source.

How do you begin working with guides? I call them in everytime I shuffle my cards. Whatever you choose to use; pendulum, runes, cards, Ouija board, you must ask your spirit guides for messages for your highest good before getting your answer- I did this daily- repeatedly when I would read for others. Not only did I work with my spirit team- I had so many people call in their guides. We made connections everytime we asked for knowledge. This has completely changed my life. Now I ask for messages through my paintings- through my resin art- through all the work I do.

The spirit world is subtle. Very subtle and intuition comes through the heart. Most people I knew growing up had no heart- or appeared not to. I lived through that “ice box where my heart used to be” phase. Everyone is hardened and this is where the problem lies: In order to open you heart- you must feel all the emotions you’ve been pushing back for years and years on top of past life stuff.

It’s not easy. Not one likes it. Breathing through it, loving yourself through it- this is how it’s done.

I hope that my morning ramblings help someone align with their souls purpose today. I pray that someone will message me and ask me how to do it- to help them do it. So that they can be stronger, braver, happier.

Picture of a spider web in the power lines that I thought was totally rad.

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