Manifestings “whoa”

What no one talks about. Why can’t you manifest everything you desire? And why can’t you just make it happen now? And when you do manifest- what about keeping that manifestation in really? Without losing it? What’s really going on?

Your life- is determined by the steps you take daily- the decisions you make daily. Some people base what they do off the happiness of others. Some people do things for self satisfaction. Some people do things out of pure ugliness. Each person is still manifesting. Your deepest desires manifest- if you show the world one face- and are a different person behind closed doors- that’s a false truth you’re living and the universe won’t have this any longer. Light is being shone in the darkest places so change can happen.

When you are manifesting- the universe will make sure you’re ready for what you’re asking for (sometimes this comes as retrograde) and then you’ll be tempted by the old ways. It’ll be up to you to make the correct decisions to manifest the vibration you’re trying to be at to make that manifestation become a reality for you.

You’ve been conditioned over thousands of years to believe certain things about yourself. Things take time to unravel. Only when you’re in your truth can you begin to truly make changes in your life. This is the hardest part for some- victimizing self has become a trend.

What about if you lose what you thought you had? Well- you aren’t quite ready. You have more to learn- or- spirit has something better for you. This is often times the case when we lose jobs, homes, and lovers. After your healing- comes the crown. You’ll get it.

Focus on your spiritual journey for truth. Focus on helping to help- and loving to love. And your life will fall into place. How do you value your spiritual journey?

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