When you innerstand why all are the way they are- you don’t wish to see any thing bad happen to them. You don’t wish karma on them- and you don’t take pleasure in their pain. To know why, is a miracle and healing in itself.

We have, each and everyone of us, been lied to, cheated, stolen from, and manipulated for not just this life but several. By the matrix and the world- because we decided we needed this- we wanted to come here to this planet to learn.

I had a vision the other day- of A god like figure/creator type talking to another. They stood on a Mountie in side, and the stars behind them were just glorious. I watched as this Gandolf character said, “don’t talk to me like what you saw in that simulation was real.”

This was so awakening. I knew previously about the simulation but this put it right up there with a video game.

Everyone wants to scream- what about the pain and sufffering of this planet? What about the starving kids, the hungry vets? How can anyone be so cruel as to say these people are getting what they sowed? Well it’s true. Past lives hold a strong setting with where the next life begins.

I’m drawn to speak on the babies in Africa- and the people in Australia. It’s terrible when we are shown these little kids in Africa- barely enough fat to live- much less thrive. This people who suffer now- were most likely slave owners of a past life. This is how it works. Our past lives are like a chain, the links showing the drastic altering of each life.

I was a slave owners daughter. And I was a slave. I was shown both of these, and in this life I was literally held by a man of melanin, for 4 months- beat- and made to ge his slave. I no longer suffer what so ever from that period in my life. I innerstand where, why, how and all the details.

This life is all about what you choose to do, see, feel, and experience. When you don’t learn- karma will find you- even if it’s after you have passed and came back.

One way to tell who you were in a past life- if you haven’t done past life work- is to look at the vibration you were born into to. It’s said that the vibration you are born into- matches you in your most recent past life. I have seen this- in readings and sessions I’ve done.

Innerstanding brings peace. I wish you nothing but this on your journey.

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