Mercury What!?

Sept 26 began the last stretch of Mercury’s cruel magick. We are the words “Mercury Retrograde” and most of us cringe with worry and dread.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t an enemy- or cruel joke. It’s the planets moving to see if you’re ready to let go and move on to the next journey.

If you speak something- you tell god or the universe- (however you choose to portray your faith) then the universe will use this time to test you- go see your true growth. And your responses/reactions will determine the next cycle.

Most of us are breaking generational curses passed down from generation to generation based in evil, hate, sexual traumas, stability, lack and it’s hard. It’s not easy to just unravel the veil one day and day it’s done. We walk these cycles, that are bound in our dna- and as we break them we break years of chains.

By embracing Mercury Retrograde and what it has to show you- you can grow and begin to release conditioning and pain. I’n struggling today- my mother will be gone 2 years tomorrow. Im currently vegetarian- I want a hamburger so bad. I want a margarita. I want to smooth the pain but instead I’ll sit in it. I’ll feel it and honor it and not step back on my journey.

I won’t drink or smoke my problems and healings away- I won’t eat that hamburger- because I know what it will do to my body. I won’t scream- fight- ask why and play victim because I know all to well why. I’ll sit. Quietly- and wait for spirit to move for me. Until I know better how to act in these energies.

Reacting and responding are two different things. I’m choosing to respond to this retrograde with love and innerstanding for myself, my path, it’s path, and it’s mission. May you also- see the truth in this tool we are currently using. Many blessings.

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