What Manipulation Looks Like

While I explain what these are- innerstand we are surrounded by reflections of self. Each person around you is a reflection of the inner self you have yet to acknowledge and heal. I myself have seen my abusive self- and am aware that I can be that way. I choose better and no it’s not that hard to decide to be better- so you don’t hurt others along your journey, intentionally or unintentionally.

This made me think of being a kid- and molestation. Most people who manipulate children like that- they love them. Gift them things- pet them and show them extra attention. Make them feel “special”.
All my life- but then I realized I was lying to myself about being a victim.
You’re not alone- absolutely every human being has these qualities- we are all good and bad- it’s about what you choose to allow- after awareness in others towards you- and yourself to others.

Most of us are blind to our own behaviors or those of others because we are so conditioned. It takes someone pointing it out- showing us it isn’t right- to see it and change it. Some won’t change it. Some hope you never find out.

When removing yourself from a situation no longer serving you- friends who treat you like this- lovers- etc- you can call upon several for help. Each state will have help set up, Facebook and social media platforms can help you, you can call upon the sol (soul) family that supports you. I am willing to help anyone- with magick and other sources- if you need me my contact info is here on this site.

There is no reason to remain somewhere that’s not good for you, for your kids, for your future. Be it a job, a friendship, relationship, town- it doesn’t matter. Move. Make changes. You Can do it- people do it daily.

Conditioning is real. You can act just like your abuser without even knowing it. We are all one- choose love so we all feel love.

One response to “What Manipulation Looks Like”

  1. Very informative and great read!! Thank you ❣️


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