I am

I am my Mother, in all her grace. A healer, and charmer, she carried her broken heart as well as she could. So proud to be her, so much power in her words. I am my Mother.

I am my Father, his musical soul, a guitar on my knee and a song in my heart. I am his wisdom and all his love. I am his best, his power, and his trauma.

I am my Sister and ln all her ignorance, we have ll been here before.. Absolute certainty of knowledge of all, before we knew shit. I am my sister, in all her love and forgiveness, in all her ups and all her downs.

I am my Brother, in all his strength, and all his fearlessness. I am his sorrow and his resentments. I am his confusion and all his weakness. I am his protection, his warrior streak.

I am My Daughter in all her worry, and all her fear. I am my daughter, and all her dreams of the future. I am my daughter, with love in her eyes and faith in her heart, I am her happiness and pure joy, I am her innocence and all her laughter.

I am my friends. In all their love, they stretch their wings. We are one in the same my loves. I am their pain, their loss, their fears and their tears. I am their uncertainty, their unknowing.. I am my friends smiles and happy tears as well. I am Them.

I am this planet, in all its changes, in all the growth and all the famine. I am that I am. A goddess foreseen.

I am the sky, in all her glory, the moon in and the stars floating by. I am the clouds in all their secrets, and the rain in all its beauty.

I am the light, coming back to Me. Unity. Oneness. I am That I Am. I am freedom. I am Love. ❤️

Tiffany Powell

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